Wood + wire sculpture. Projected spectrogram video + its corresponding audio.

An attempt to emulate the experience of being a passenger. More specifically, the headspace and emotions, the dreamlike state. When you’re moving through this space and have nowhere to look but outside, where a loop has presented itself for many hours. Of scattered railings and brush, occasional fencing and power lines. Neglected structures. It can be the most accommodating situation for thought. For being in your head. When you're fed this visual loop, you stare out the window, and regardless of external sound stimuli like a car radio or conversation happening amongst the other passengers, you’re completely in this zone. And it feels so solitary and personal.

(A spectrogram is a visual representation of the spectrum of frequencies of a signal as it varies with time.)

The audio component of this piece was set up to be heard through a headphone station to both accomodate immersion and to avoid noise contamination from the shared space. It is a sound piece I wrote and recorded specifically for this installation.